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50,000 - and counting!

50,000 - and counting!!!

Monday 06 November 2017

A Serious Milestone
As production of the Serious flagship High Definition Light enters its tenth year, we are proud to say our 50,000th light has just left our hand-assembly unit in Aylesbury destined for a Serious fan in Dorset. It’s extraordinary to think that what started as one man’s mission to create the perfect reading light for his mother has turned into a business with fans in over 60 countries worldwide.

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Sew What?
In 1986 Serious founder Alex Pratt designed a specialist sewing light for Singer sewing machines. Singer loved the unique design and made Serious their light of choice. It wasn’t long before others found out about our unique Daylight Wavelength Technology , and Serious became the global choice for productivity enhancing sewing lights across the World.

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Serious then expanded into building lights for machine tools and for specialist applications such as surgery, forensic science and fine art restoration. We have also been called on to produce lighting solutions for special purpose vehicles like Space Shuttles, High Altitude Balloons (Richard Branson used our technology in his global ballooning record attempts) and RNLI Lifeboats.

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Mum’s the word…
When founder Alex Pratt’s mum couldn’t find a great reading light in the shops, it seemed only right that Alex should take on the design brief himself. She loved the outcome, and Alex decided to develop the technology for other serious readers. The result was a prototype for a design which was to become synonymous with breath-taking reading clarity throughout the world. These days, it would seem everyone who is serious about reading invests in a Serious light. Our individual customers include doctors, surgeons, MPs, opticians, judges, academics and royalty. We now have over 250,000 fans in over 60 countries across the world.

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What’s the difference?
We have all experienced the urge to move closer to a window to read. Our eyes naturally yearn for comforting daylight. Serious technology embraces this phenomenon like no other reading light. The result is a bespoke light engine which replicates the daylight spectrum with almost complete fidelity. No other light offer Daylight Wavelength TechnologyTM.

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To see the video of Alex interviewed on TV, Click here

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