Spare Bulb: Alex Light - Halogen

Spare Bulb: Alex Light - Halogen

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To ensure you are ordering the correct bulb for your light,
please check the underside of the base of your light for the
replacement bulb code.

15172A Standard 20w bulb for The Alex Light.

Buy 2 and get the second one half-price.

Suitable for the HALOGEN versions of the models below:

  1. Alex Halogen Heavyweight Floor light
  2. Alex Halogen Heavyweight Table light
  3. Alex Halogen Lightweight Floor light
  4. Alex Halogen Lightweight Table light
  5. Alex Halogen Wall Light
Halogen 20w
Lux 2,500lx
Colour Temp. 3,100k
CRI 95%
Bulb Life 4,000hrs