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SpectraClean™ Technology Explained

The CLEANSE Light™ uses SpectraClean™ 405 technology, which deploys visible-light-disinfection to kill up to 99.9% of bacteria on surfaces.

How Does It Work?

SpectraClean™ uses light with a wavelength of 405nm which is able to kill bacteria by damaging their cells, preventing them from reproducing. 405nm is visible to the human eye, but is completely safe as it is outside of the UV spectrum.


The Three Step Process

Bacteria contain important molecules called porphyrins.


405nm waves trigger a photo-excitation in the porphyrin molecules.

405 Light

This causes reactive-oxygen-species (ROS) to form, and these have natural disinfectant properties.


This process inactivates the cell, killing it from the inside.

How Is It So Safe?

The 405nm wavelength is a high-energy wave present in the visible spectrum of light. These waves do not penetrate our epidermis, meaning that they do not damage our cells. To achieve optimal sanitisation, we recommend leaving your devices under the light on SpectaClean™ mode overnight. You can also harness the combined power of SpectraClean™ with ClearSun® to sanitise surfaces and devices while you work.

What is the difference from UV-C?

UV-C disinfection uses higher-energy waves which are very dangerous to humans. UV-C waves cause burns on contact with human skin and can cause permanent damage to your eyes. Any mistake or fault with a UV-C unit can result in terrible consequences.

SpectraClean™ and ClearSun® technologies are provided in partnership with OttLite Technologies. ClearSun® is a registered trademark of OttLite Technologies, Inc