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Find Your Replacement Bulb

Please watch the below video to help you find the right bulb for your light.

Alternatively, please read the below instructions:


In order to find your replacement bulb, you will need the code from the base of your light. Access the base of your light by resting your light on a supportive surface.


Look at the code at the bottom of the base. If there is more than one code you will only need the top code. Please ignore any letters or numbers after the first space, you will only need the first section of this code.


Once you have the code, enter the code in the box above.


If you see your code on the website with either an A or B after it, don’t worry about these letters. They just represent either single or twin packs of bulbs.


Simply add the bulb to your basket and proceed through the checkout process.


Once your bulb arrives, swap it over and get back to enjoying your favourite hobby!