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lighting therapy for Dementia sufferers

A new level of lighting therapy for Dementia sufferers

Monday 01 August 2016

It has long been recognised that light affects Dementia sufferers, and in recent years several hospitals have installed basic systems to help. Therapy has now been taken to a new level in a Germany, with a research facility boasting “human centric lighting” which can be colour modified according to residents wishes, and overhead lighting providing calming light scenes in relaxation rooms.

The system, designed and built by Osram, mixes modern LED luminaires and control components with smart devices (phone and tablet apps) in order to re-stabilise circadian rhythms for dementia and Alzheimer sufferers.

Professor Dr Ulrich Sprick, chief physician at the St Augustinus Hospital in Neuss says "For older people it's highly important to clearly identify certain objects, and this is achieved by having a higher intensity of light. In fact we're hoping to reduce the number of falls thanks to the corresponding light intensity, or even avoid them completely,"


    Light helps in dementia fight.

    Human Centric Lighting in the Memory Centre of the St. Augustinus Hospital, Neuss.


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