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The LEVO G2 Essential Tablet Stand with USB Charging

The LEVO G2 Essential Tablet Stand with USB Charging

Price: £129.99

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Unique Book Holder

The LEVO Essential, now with USB Charging, holds your tablet while you sit, stand or recline. Bring your movie, reading or web browsing to the perfect eye level and let your arms and back relax. The simple and quick tablet mounting is compatible with all iPads, tablets, and eReaders with or without cases. Quickly spin from portrait to landscape so you can view your pages or photos at their optimum angle.

LEVO floats your tablet or eReader at the perfect height and viewing angle, while you sit, recline, or lie in bed. You simply get cozy, then swing, yaw, and tilt your device into perfect position. Place your device horizontal, upside-down, or anywhere in-between.

  • Includes USB charging
  • Compatible with tablets + cases up to 12”
  • Sturdy frame minimizes bouncing and eliminates swaying.
  • Quick lever height-lock for easy height adjustment.
Label Detail
Stand Weight 4kg (8lbs)
Min Height 26 Inches
Max Height 43 Inches
Max Device Weight 1.8kg (4lbs)
Max Dimension 8.5x12 Inches

‘legs’ are 43cm long each (from back of base). At highest point the legs are 9cm high. Supplied USB cable 120cm/4 feet long.