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Serious About Light & Sight

Most of us don’t realise that other than prescription lenses, better light is the only change that will relieve the frustrating symptoms of eyestrain and help us to see better. Since inventing the first Serious Light 35 years ago for his mum who was struggling to see, our founder Alex has been pioneering research into improving sight by shedding a better light indoors, closer to the natural daylight our eyes are used to.

The right kind of light can make a life-changing difference

Alex Pratt OBE, improving sight through light

Ever since I developed the first Serious Light for my mum 35 years ago, my all-consuming passion has been to create the ultimate reading light.

Simply put, a Serious Light will maximise your ability to see, minimise the risk of damage to your eyes, optimise your posture and physical well-being, allow you to customise your reading light to your requirements, and will not compromise on performance at any cost.
Alex Pratt OBE, a lifetime dedicated to improving sight
Hard Task Master, lights for specialist applications Bespoke Technology, bringing daylight indoors

The result of 35 years research and dedication to the impact of light on readers, is a bespoke light engine which replicates the daylight spectrum with almost complete fidelity. No other light offers Daylight Wavelength Technology ™.

Good lighting is not a question of brightness alone. What really makes the difference is projecting a power distribution akin to natural light. As our loyal fans often tell us, the right kind of light can make a life-changing difference.
Serious Today, over 500,000 Serious Lights 

Projecting absolute unfailing visual clarity, Serious has become the light engine of choice for specialist applications where light matters most such as high-tech manufacturing, surgery, forensic science, and fine art restoration.

There are now over 500,000 Serious Lights owned by dedicated fans in more than 60 countries. Individual customers include many doctors, surgeons, MP’s, opticians, judges, academics and writers – wherever a great mind needs a great light you will find Serious.
Serious Today, over 500,000 Serious Lights

The Serious Difference

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Serious Lights

High Definition   Alex   Classic
High Definition   Alex Range
  Classic Range

This is our best reading light, designed to give the most clarity and superb colour rendition. It projects the closest match to natural light, using our bespoke Daylight Wavelength TechnologyTM. Recommended by independent opticians to relieve the frustrating symptoms of eye-strain.
The Alex Light uses state-of-the-art LED technology to project a cool, long-life, energy-efficient, high intensity beam to support your vision. Our new LED Daylight Wavelength TechnologyTM sheds a light closer to natural light that your eyes will adore.
Our entry level LED model, the Classic offers a narrow, focused beam suitable for reading smaller books. All the light is directed on to your page and not around the room. The Classic is designed to be less intense for night-time reading.

Floor Light - £399.99
Table Light - £349.99
Floor Light - from £269.99
Table Light - from £219.99
Floor Light - from £199.99
Table Light - from £149.99

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