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The Problem - every day our eyes face a tougher challenge

The Problem

The Ageing Eye
Just as our physical health and performance degrade with age, so too does our eyesight, particularly once we reach our sixties. Presbyopia for example is the normal loss of our near-focusing ability, something many of us will first notice in our forties. Every day is tougher to see through than the one before as the amount of light which reaches the retina falls off sharply.

This is now a very common condition affecting three in every four of us daily. It often occurs when our eyes get tired from intense use when staring at a digital screen or reading small print. Our generation is living through an eyestrain epidemic not experienced by our ancestors. The effects of eyestrain can thankfully be largely mitigated by taking sensible precautions.

Eye Conditions
There are many common eye conditions affecting millions of people. These include macular degeneration, cataracts and glaucoma. Although such damage to the eyes cannot normally be reversed, living with such a condition can be made more comfortable.

There is an inextricable link between light and sight. Both the light your eyes have to work with and the lenses prescribed by your optician should be thought of as two integral parts of a complete eye-care solution. This is especially the case if you read or enjoy close hobbies like sewing or model-making. All sight is light. But all light is not the same. The light you choose to live under will make a big difference.

All sight comes from light. The light is reflected into our eyes, the lens displays the image on the retina at the back of the eye and your brain interprets this information to create the image that we see.

Lenses are prescribed by your optician to assist your natural eye lens in focusing the available light onto the retina. Improving the available light itself therefore makes a big difference to the effectiveness of the lenses in generating a clear detailed image.

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