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Serious Glossary - Lighting Terms Explained

If you're not sure what a particular lighting term is - Serious related or otherwise, our lighting glossary will explain.

Eye Conditions


AMD may make your central vision distorted or blurry and, over a period of time, it may cause a blank patch at the centre of what you can see. The High Definition range has been designed specifically with AMD in mind and the light engines project lower than normal levels of the light wavelengths that are unhelpful when you have this condition.


Cataracts are a very common eye condition. As we get older the lens inside our eye gradually changes and becomes less transparent (clear). A lens that has turned misty, or cloudy, is said to have a cataract Projecting a strong quality light onto your reading means that much more light makes it through to the retina so you can see more clearly.


Glaucoma is the name given to a group of eye conditions which cause optic nerve damage and which can affect your vision. Any damage to the optic nerve at the point where it leaves your eye will have a negative effect on the clarity of your view.

Technical Terms


The amount of light hitting a solid surface from a set distance. A more accurate measure of light output for directional lights than lumens.


All our latest lights project a colour temperature i.e the “whiteness” of light as it appears to the naked eye deliberately set at 3,500 Kelvin, which tests have shown to be the optimum level for seeing detail. All our lights, including the LED models have replaceable bulbs and are supplied with one fitted as standard.


A measure of light output - the amount of light emitted per watt of energy used. Not accurate for directional lights.


CRI (colour rendering index) is a measure of the light source’s ability to render the colours of objects in comparison with true daylight (the sun). Our High Definition is the closest light in our range to natural daylight with a CRI of 99%.


This is a low voltage bespoke patented bulb that deliberately mirrors the spectral power distribution of natural light. It is only available in the High Definition Range, draws 35w of power, and is unrivalled in its impact on seeing colour and detail.


Strictly speaking LEDs are light engines not bulbs and with the recent advances in LED technology this is the preferred light source for most people with our Alex and Classic models. As well as providing a very high quality of light and being very energy efficient, the LED light engines also have the added benefits of running cool to the touch and lasting for many years.

Serious Lights

High Definition

The best reading light we offer. The High Definition light is designed to give the most clarity and superb colour rendition. Fantastic for reading, but also for other hobbies such as artwork, needlework and music. Recommended for those with eye conditions.


Our mid-range light, the Alex projects an intense light beam and utilises the latest energy efficient LED technology. Cool to the touch, you can see small print and colours, using just 5w of energy.


Our entry level model, the Classic offers a narrow, focused beam suitable for reading smaller books. Now superseded by more powerful models, the Classic is now mostly utilised for bedside reading.


The Varifocus incorporates the latest adjustable LED beam-width and intensity technology which means you can easily spread the beam wide or concentrate it narrowly onto a smaller area.

Serious Lighting Terms


A diffuser is a small frosted glass lens that is placed in front of the bulb resting in the shade of the light.

The diffuser increases the spread of light on compatible lights from 18 inches to 30 inches (from a distance of 50cm), while barely diminishing the intensity of the light.

Carry Handle

A real wood carry handle adds a unique touch to our heavyweight floor lights.


The dimmer allows you to adjust the light output to suit your eyes and needs, for example, it helps to reduce glare when reading glossy magazines. On some occasions, depending on ambient lighting and how tired your eyes are, you might need your light at full brightness and at other times not so bright.


The deliberately heavyweight base ensures your light is planted firmly on the floor. Built to robust industrial standards, it plants itself firmly for single-hand operation.


The lightweight base is designed with a contemporary chic look, and designed to be easier to move and bend. Perfect for limited spaces on the floor, the thin base also slips easily and neatly under low furniture.