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Lights for Needlework

As a keen needleworker you need to discern different shades of colour accurately and work for long periods without your eyes tiring.
Serious Readers offer a range of task lights for tapestry, sewing, cross-stitch and crochet. See the difference with a 30 day risk free trial.

1. High Definition Light

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1. High Definition Light

Best for needlework because:

  • Renders colours accurately
  • Shows the fine detail
  • Closest to natural daylight
  • Fully dimmable
  • Up to 30 inches beam spread

Recommended for needlework

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Key features:

99% - accurate colour rendering
Adjust beam spread with diffuser
Easily alter brightness with dimmer

I do sewing alterations for a living and can easily distinguish navy from black cotton without getting up and going to the window every time.

Hillary Charlesworth of Dorchester

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Delighted with the light. Excellent for tapestry work.

Mrs Brown of Ryton

2. Alex Light

Suitable for needlework because:

  • Good colour rendition
  • Dimmer Option
  • Long bulb-life
  • Energy efficient LED Bulb

Key Features

95% accurate colour rendering
Fixed beam spread
Adjust brightness with dimmer
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3. Classic Light

Budget option

  • Entry level option
  • Narrow beam
  • Dimmer option

Key Features:

80% accurate colour rendering
Fixed narrow beam
Adjust brightness with dimmer
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