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Lights for Cataracts

As we get older the lens inside our eye gradually changes and becomes less transparent (clear). Projecting a strong quality light onto your reading means that much more light makes it through to the retina so you can see more clearly.

1. High Definition Light

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1. High Definition Light

Best for cataracts because:

  • Excellent clarity of text
  • Read in High Definition
  • Closest to natural daylight
  • Recommended by over 450 opticians
  • Renders colours accurately

Recommended for cataracts

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Key features:

Our best and brightest light
99% accurate colour rendering
Alter brightness easily with dimmer

The High Definition light is great, I have Cataracts and the extra light really helps me.

Mrs Mitchell of Whitchurch

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I have cataracts developing so the intensity of the light is an enormous help.

Mrs Crowther of Truro

2. Alex Light

Suitable for cataracts because:

  • Good clarity of text
  • Wide 27 inch beam spread
  • Comfortable, warm white light
  • Energy efficient LED

Key Features:

95% accurate colour rendering
Fixed beam spread
Adjust brightness with dimmer
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3. Varifocus

Adjustable beam spread:

  • Energy efficient LED
  • Vary beam focus
  • Intense, white beam

Key Features:

Beam spread between 20-40 inches
4 watt LED
Soften light with a wider beam
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