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Light and Sight Guide - Free Download

Our free light and sight guide is packed with lots of useful information about light and sight. Click on the image below to download your copy.

This guide will explain the importance of light to your sight and overall wellbeing. It includes an overview of most light and sight topics including:

  • What challenges our eyes face, including the ageing eye, eyestrain and common eye conditions.
  • What is light? How you can tell the different light sources apart, and the components of the light spectrum.
  • Light variables, including indoor light, colour temperature and colour rendering index (CRI).
  • Blue light - what the effects are and how you might avoid it.
  • What is sight? How our eyes see, and what the integral components of the eye are.
  • Eyestrain - what the symptoms are and how you might mitigate the symptoms.
  • What to look for in a better light.