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Life-Changing Light

The right kind of light can make a life-changing difference. The sole focus of Serious is to make performance tools to help you see more easily. A great light will maximise your ability to see detail and colours clearly, and over 500 independent opticians believe that Serious Lights relieve the frustrating symptoms of eyestrain.

A great reading light is not about brightness alone

Maximise your ability to see detail and colours

A great light is not about brightness alone. Our eyes have evolved over millions of years under the sun. A Serious Light employs Daylight Wavelength TechnologyTM to project a natural balanced bright light beam close to the daylight our eyes are built to use.

This means you can see detail and colour indoors as if you were sitting by a window on a lovely day.
Maximise how clearly you can see colour and detail.
Minimise The negative effects of artificial light Minimise the risk of damage to your eyes

Recent research shows that poor quality light not only causes eyestrain but can also damage eyes and interfere with your sleep. Too much short wavelength blue light poses a risk to the highly sensitive retina.

The absence of a harmful blue-light spike in our technology eradicates the risk of damage to the retina and minimises disturbance to our body clocks.
Optimise your posture and comfort 

When we can't see clearly, because our sight normally dominates our sensory perception, we can't help ourselves unconsciously strain to try and do so.

The Serious design, with a stay-put flexible arm and rotating swivel joints mean you can set the light up just for you, so it takes the strain not your eyes.
Optimise your posture and comfort in your chair

The Serious Difference

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Serious Lights

High Definition   Alex   Classic
High Definition   Alex Range
  Classic Range

This is our best reading light, designed to give the most clarity and superb colour rendition. It projects the closest match to natural light, using our bespoke Daylight Wavelength TechnologyTM. Recommended by independent opticians to relieve the frustrating symptoms of eye-strain.
The Alex Light uses state-of-the-art LED technology to project a cool, long-life, energy-efficient, high intensity beam to support your vision. Our new LED Daylight Wavelength TechnologyTM sheds a light closer to natural light that your eyes will adore.
Our entry level LED model, the Classic offers a narrow, focused beam suitable for reading smaller books. All the light is directed on to your page and not around the room. The Classic is designed to be less intense for night-time reading.

Floor Light - £399.99
Table Light - £349.99
Floor Light - from £269.99
Table Light - from £219.99
Floor Light - from £199.99
Table Light - from £149.99

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Floor Light
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Floor Light
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Floor Light
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Table Light
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