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Bulb Type

You will notice that some lights are powered by low voltage bespoke halogen bulbs and others use LED light engines. Our top-of-the range HD light uses a proprietary halogen source and provides the best light spectrum of all our lights. Our Alex and Classic models use the latest LED lighting technology.

Content High Definition
HD High Definition – 21st Century Halogen
This is a low voltage bespoke bulb that relies upon proprietary Daylight Wavelength Technology™ that deliberately mimics the spectral power distribution of natural light. It is only available in the High Definition Range, draws 35W of power, and is unrivalled in its impact in helping people see colour and detail. The light it is the best choice for colour rendering.
Content Middle
This energy efficient halogen bulb is not affected by the EU phaseout of the less efficient halogen lamps. It is the best light source in our range, there are no plans for it to be phased out and it will continue to be available long into the future.
Content Alex & Classic LED
Alex & Classic – LED Light Engines
Strictly speaking LEDs are light engines, not lamps. The very latest advances in LED technology mean we can provide a high quality of light. Being very energy efficient, the LED light engines have the added benefits of running cool to the touch and lasting for many years. Our light engines are bespoke and deploy proprietary Daylight Wavelength TechnologyTM and designs to project a light spectrum that is unique and not over-dominated by the damaging blue light found in most LED light sources.
Light bulb
Content Colour Temp
Colour Temperature
All our latest lights project a colour temperature i.e the “whiteness” of light as it appears to the naked eye deliberately set at 3,500 Kelvin, which tests have shown to be the optimum level for seeing detail. All our lights, including the LED models have replaceable bulbs and are supplied with one fitted as standard.