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Free Guides About Light and Sight

Imagine if the very thing that could transform your vision was in plain sight, right in front of your eyes. Light matters, and can help you to enjoy more of what you love. Light and sight are inextricably linked.

We have created a series of completely free downloadable guides about light and sight which you can download and read at your leisure to learn more about light and sight.

Light & Sight Guide
Ageing Eye Guide
This guide will explain the importance of light to your sight and overall wellbeing. It includes an overview of most light and sight topics including:

  • Blue Light
  • Eyestrain
  • Lighting Variables

  •   This guide explains how our eyesight changes as we age. It discusses how best to combat the symptoms of common eye conditions like macular degeneration.

  • Common Eye Conditions
  • Ageing Eye Timeline
  • Treatments