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Eyestrain - the causes

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Eye Strain

What is Eye Strain?
This is a very common condition that usually occurs when our eyes get tired from intense use, for example when staring at digital screens or reading small print. Usually, eyestrain isn’t a permanent condition and it will go away once you rest your eyes. However, in some cases the symptoms of eyestrain can indicate an underlying eye condition.

What Might I Notice?
The symptoms of eyestrain are many. If you are suffering any of these irritations, it is likely that your eyestrain is a contributing factor: Sore, tired or burning eyes Watery or dry eyes Blurred or double vision Sore neck, shoulders or back Increased sensitivity to light Feeling you can’t keep your eyes open

What Can I Do to Avoid it?

Rest Your Eyes
Regularly looking away from a computer or mobile screen and focusing on distant objects will help. Looking far away relaxes the focusing muscle inside the eye which in turn reduces eye fatigue.

Shed Better Light
Projecting good quality, balanced, bright controllable light directly onto the task on which you are focusing is an easy way to avoid unnecessary eyestrain.

In the News: Electronic Screen Alert
There are many reasons to restrict the amount of time we spend in front of our electronic screens. More hours sitting at a computer or smartphone means fewer hours of being physically active and looking at a screen at night can stimulate the brain and make it difficult to fall asleep.

Here’s another reason to curb that screen time: computer vision syndrome — an umbrella term for the unhealthy outcomes that result from looking at a computer or smartphone screen.

Source: Harvard Health

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