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About Us

Having supplied essential reading lights for over 25 years used on board Global Ballooning Attempts, RNLI Lifeboats and Space Ships, when our Founder’s mum couldn’t find a great reading light in the shops we had a go ourselves. Listen to our Founder Alex Pratt OBE talk about the Serious Way

We combined our experience, and extensive user feedback in an initially limited annual programme in building a reading light that could justly be called a Tool for Serious Readers. These lights have now been put to use by over 250,000 people in over 60 countries across the world. When quality light is important Serious is there. Our small dedicated team of 50 people enjoy the fact that our lights have travelled into space, deep under the oceans in nuclear submarines. Our mission is to save and improve lives by building lights that are brighter by design.

You may already know that your eyes account for as much as 80% of your sensory perception, and that the older you get the more light you need. At the age of sixty we need three times as much light for reading and recent research even suggests that neglecting your eyes by not addressing the lighting conditions could be the cause of damage to the eye.

As a discerning reader, you are probably over forty, have worked at a senior level, and are actively interested in the world around you. If so, Serious Lights have been designed especially with you in mind, to make your reading time more comfortable, less tiring and altogether more enjoyable.

Every Alex Light is hand built, individually tested, and backed by a 5 year guarantee. The Alex Light is named after our Founder Alex Pratt. Well, we couldn't really call it the Pratt Light could we?