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Ever feel you are being left in the dark?

Finding detail a little more difficult to see? Colours seem less bright than a few years ago? You’re not alone. As we age, our eyes naturally crave more light – from the age of 40, you will notice a deterioration in how clearly you see, and by 60 you will need three times the light to see as well as a 20-year-old. Throw in the depressing eye conditions we experience as we get older – macular degeneration, glaucoma, presbyopia and cataracts to name but a few – and the end result is a life spent more in frustrating dimness than clarity.

Why suffer any longer than you need to? Right now you could experience the life changing difference a Serious light makes. Featuring bespoke Daylight Wavelength TechnologyTM, no other light replicates the daylight spectrum with such accuracy. The result is a light which restores breath-taking clarity, dramatic contrast and pin-sharp detail, while at the same time making eye strain a thing of the past.

Do you really want to soldier on in the dark?

Alex Pratt OBE


Light Matters

Do you sometimes find detail a little more difficult to see these days?

Perhaps colours don’t seem as vibrant as before?

As our eyes age they crave more and better light. From forty, you will have begun to notice a marked deterioration in your visual clarity, which becomes increasingly frustrating with time.

By the age of sixty only about a third of the available light will be reaching the back of your eye as compared to your younger self. In addition, presbyopia or ‘aging eye’ is the loss of elasticity of the eye lens and makes focussing much tougher.

The natural aging process will not stop, so there seems little point in waiting to restore your lost vision.

Act now to get it back by shedding a better light.

Alex Pratt OBE