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Halogen Bulb Phaseout Timeline

Since 2009 the EU have been phasing out old inefficient incandescent lamps because they waste too much of their energy creating heat. The replacements are more energy-efficient which reduces carbon emissions. The main replacement technology is Light Emitting Diodes (LED) which use around 75% less energy and offer a much longer lifespan. This infographic shows the timeline for the phaseout:

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100W incandescents


75W incandescents


60W incandescents


Other incandescents 

The End
Non-directional halogen bulbs


2016: (Sept)
halogen bulbs


2016: (Feb)
Special purpose bulbs


High Definition Light
21ST Century Halogen

Our halogen lamps are 21st Century and energy efficient (class B or above). They are not affected by the phaseout

The High Definition lamp draws 35W and is unrivalled in its impact on seeing colours and detail
This light is the best choice in our range for seeing colours in a true light
It is a low voltage bespoke lamp built upon proprietary Daylight Wavelength Technology™ and deliberately mimics the spectral power distribution of natural light

Alex & Classic
LED Light Engines

LEDs are not affected by the phaseout

The very latest advances in LED technology mean we can shine a much higher quality of light than is normal
Being very energy efficient, LED light engines run cool to the touch and last for many years

Our bespoke light engines deploy proprietary Daylight Wavelength Technology™ to project a unique light spectrum that is not over-dominated by damaging blue light found in other LED lights